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Our modern cloud solutions range from extensions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central up to our fully-customizable workflow collaboration platform trustkey.

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Modern SMEs run in the cloud. Not least because of the economic advantage.

Cloud solutions versus On-Premises

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is a financial estimate. It determines your economic value of investment against your total costs over your system lifecycle. The costs include direct and indirect costs.

On the surface, cloud and on-premises solutions look identical. But to understand the right solution for your organization, it is necessary to dive into a comparative cost analysis.

Cloud Costs On-Premises
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that you pay-as-you-go monthly or annually. This payments are classified as Operating Expenses. Software You pay a high upfront cost classified as a Capital Expense, which is usually depreciated or amortized over several years.
Depend on the level of complexity and use-case. These costs apply in both scenarios. Implementation, customizations and trainings Depend on the level of complexity and use-case. These costs apply in both scenarios.
Allows you to flexibly manage your hardware costs without having to own, maintain, and pay for servers regardless of utilization percentage. Hardware High upfront cost to purchase your infrastructure, such as servers, networking hardware, operating systems, databases, and data storage, and then periodic additional operating costs (such as electricity costs) to effectively run, manage and secure your solution.
Costs are typically a tiny fraction of maintaining your own in-house IT personnel IT personnel Often the biggest single line cost item. And it has to be factored in the labor costs maintenance of real estate, servers, databases and other technology.
Updates, fixes, and patches are released on a continuous upgrade cycle, allowing for immediate deployment. Maintenance Costs for loading of fixes, patches, updates, and upgrades and to test them.
No additional software or upgrade costs. Upgrades Additional IT personnel costs to test and deploy upgrades.

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