Simplify Industrial Digitalization

Don’t let technological complexity, daily operations and disconnected systems hold you back. Start and move forward with your digital journey.

Our digital matrix gives focus in your digital journey

There is a lot of talk about digitalization and what you can do with it. But let’s be honest, for small-medium sized enterprises it is not easy to find the right entrance and to select the right buckets. Face it, the resources are limited and we are looking for manageable decent results.

Transform your company

To help you transform your company, we developed solutions which can be applied as simple as possible. At IBODigital, we believe in short-term results in small steps that build on one another and improve day-to-day operations. This enables your company for better planning.

Why IBODigital?


Solutions triggered by real life industrial challenges and proven in complex manufacturing environments.


Delivers proven value to small- and medium-sized enterprises.


Solutions do what needs to be done and are easy to implement and to use.

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